Are you happy?

Is it possible to be happy all the time? Ever wondered about that. This actually occupies the attention of the majority of the human race, whether they realize it or not. Ever planned something expecting deep down that it would make you happy? Or finally completed a project knowing that life would be just a bit better?

I watch my dog ( I am not avoiding the question) and he is just happy. He is present, breathing in life. Check … Read the rest

Warming up for the 2016/17 season already!

Hello everyone. We are warming up for the 2016/17 winter season already. Yes, time to get super psyched. Just a feeling, but I personally believe this will be a great winter season for all of us in the northern hemisphere. Our local resort usually opens end of Sept or early Oct so it’s just around the corner for us and coming your way. Wax those boards, make sure you can find your equipment and get your vacation time dialed in.… Read the rest

Life Lessons from My Zen Dog – Lesson One – Take time to smell the poop!

One day as I was hiking with my dog, I found myself tuning in to my dog and what he was doing. I began to understand that in many ways my dog is teaching me about life.

2015-09-01 16.03.01

Lesson 1: Stop and smell the poop. Enough said! (Just kidding).

My dog (as most dogs) is obsessed with smells. He runs between smells, stopping for the next pile of poop. I got to thinking that he is (disgustingly to us) breathing in life … Read the rest

Summit Skiboards CRZ 106 cm Rocker – Personal Review

Product Test:

Summit CRZ 106cm Skiboards with Salomon L10 Release Bindings 2016
Having not ridden these before production I had some trepidation about whether these would perform as we had designed them. It was at Wolf Creek, a powder day with 10″ fresh on top of a 4 foot base, that I got to ride them for the first time.

Snapped in, grabbed the lift and there I was at the top ready to ride down.

Initially, as with any … Read the rest

More skiboards and products have arrived this week.

Hello everyone. We now have a full range of Alpina Skiboard boots including two X5’s – red highlights and green highlights. In addition to the women’s Ruby 5, we now offer the Ruby 4 in full range of sizes.

Great news! All the new Summits are now in stock  and they look beautiful. The Rocker/Camber line up has added a new 96cm and 106cm for even more fun on the slopes.

We now have Elans (99, 125 and 135cm), Salomon … Read the rest

2016 Skiboards Arriving

It won’t be long now. The new Head Rod 94cm skiboards and the Elan 99, 125 and 135 Freeline skiboards are now in stock.

In addition, the Alpina boots are in stock. This year we are adding to the X5 with green highlights for 2016, the X5 with red highlights and the Ruby 4 women’s skiboard boots in addition the the Ruby 5 boots.

Summits are on their way as well and quite a surprise in store!… Read the rest

Skiboards – Break Out of the Conventional and Express Yourself

You know, lessons, poles, traveling with all that equipment. Skiboards are very much under the radar with most retail store sales people clueless when you ask about them. Fun is what it’s all about, not rules. Break out of the old ways and treat yourself to the experience of liberation that skiboards can provide. Be on the vanguard of something new.

Those who’re often interested in trying skiboards are usually, I find, individuals who aren’t driven to fit into existing

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