Monthly Archives: September 2013

2014 Snowjams are in!

Snowjam introduces multiple models this season including two models of their 75cm and 90cm with bindings (Riot and Phenom), 3 models of their 99cm with release bindings including the Crowne Black, Crowne White and the Phenom. New audio helmets are on board as are new snow clothing including beanies and scarfs.

For those of you who are not familiar with snowjam they produce very high quality skiboards and always have from the early days of the sport. This year in … Read the rest

What’s Up at for 2014

This is an exciting year for New products, new design, new blog and some surprise brands we are adding. And, we have snow in Colorado already! So here is what is up for skiboards:
Hagan introduces (or reintroduces) their Off Limits 133cm and the favorite Nanook, the 99cm skiboards with bindings that can release the heel for climbing, then lock down for downhill. Includes climbing skins. Used them myself on the local hill behind the house. Wow, so easy … Read the rest

Welcome to 2014 Season

Hi everyone. I took last year off from writing this blog – too busy and trying to get those skiboarding days in on the slopes. This season is really shaping up – seeing all the new products coming in whets the appetite for hitting the slopes for sure. If like previous years, our local resort, Wolf Creek, would be opening in less than a month! Hard to believe the season is starting.

A whole new lineup of Summits is coming, … Read the rest