Monthly Archives: November 2013

Skiboards Bindings – Non-release, snowboard and ski release bindings – advantages

This season we have numerous options for bindings on skiboards. Binding options include the standard non-release bindings such as the high performance Bomber Elite Bindings which don’t release in case of fall. These are mounted on a round disc that offers more precision carving. The advantage of non-release bindings is basically, they don’t release if you fall. This comes in handy for those who prefer riding the parks or often in the glades. The disadvantage is the risk of injury … Read the rest

Hagan Nanook is arriving

Yes they have just shipped and arriving this week. Introducing the all new Nanook from Hagan. These are the only skiboards with bindings that convert to free heel for climbing. Skiboards include skins. For those of you not familiar with ascent skiboards, you free the heel, put skins on bottom over bases and off you go. When ready to ride downhill, take skins off, clamp down your bindings and have fun. Now any hill becomes a ski resort! Will post … Read the rest