Monthly Archives: November 2016

Using Snowboard Bindings with Skiboards – Do they Perform?

We get a lot of questions on using snowboard bindings with skiboards – do they perform? How do snowboard bindings compare to ski boot bindings in terms of performance? When customers are using their own snowboard bindings, the edging control can be less than desirable which is why we created the Snowboard Bindings Adaptor Kit. This kit adds great retention and includes the Summit Snowboard Binding Riser Kit which is absolutely essential for proper height so snowboard bindings don’t … Read the rest

Outdoor Tech Helmet Audio Kits

We are excited to carry the new Outdoor Tech Helmet Audio Kits. These fit great in the our Salomon Hacker Helmet series. You can choose between the wired kits or the new bluetooth wireless kits. Both are hands free and will play great sounding music as well as answer your phone when needed. The Bluetooth kit also comes with a walkie talkie so you can talk with those friends or family on the mountain (or anyone else you meet).

In … Read the rest