All About Skiboards

Combining the latest technologies of skis and snowboards, skiboards are radically changing the sport of snowriding. About half the length and twice the width of skis, the twin-tip design allows the rider to do everything that skiers and snowboarders do, but in addition, go backwards, turn 360’s on the ground, one foot turns and perform more tricks than ever thought possible on conventional planks. “Skiboards, sometimes called “snowblades” after Salomon’s models, are incredibly easy to use and great for learning to ski. But they’re especially insane when it comes to new-school tricks.” (Skiing, Mark Doolittle) Had skiboards been invented first, who knows if the slopes would be so populated by skiers and snowboarders today.

Skiboards vary in size from about 59 cm to 143 cm. They look like miniature snowboards, except there’s one for each foot. The adjustable bindings fit regular ski boots, hardshell snowboard boots and mountaineering boots. Learning to navigate on skiboards is easier than skiing or snowboarding, and carving with them is nearly automatic. Skiboards handle like skis (there are two of them) or even more like skates, but constructed like snowboards, which allows for more aggressive carving, handling varying terrain such as deep powder, steep slopes and even hardpack and ice. Most skiboards are constructed with twin tips (front and back) and wood cores for enhanced stability and performance.

Lessons not required! Chuck the poles! These feel so natural that most people, including those who have never been on a lift, pick it up in one day and progress to more advanced terrain by the end of the day. (See first time reviews). The stance is more like walking, skating, dancing rather than skiing – i.e. it is upright and natural. Most experience carving as almost effortless, a zen-like feeling that most snowboarders and skiers have to work many years to achieve.

Don’t confuse skiboards with the “graduated learning method” used in previous years to train would-be skiers on shorter planks so that they could eventually get the hang of longer skis. Our experience at is that once people try skiboards, their skis and snowboards just become dust collectors or are made into furniture. It is the design of skiboards that makes possible the accessibility to the entire mountain from the very beginning.

How we select our products: We spend a huge amount of time researching our prospective skiboard products (especially on powder days) – we ride them, we beat on them, we get our most insane riders to try and break them. All staff are required to personally test all of our products (a demanding job!). Of greatest priority in selecting our products is quality and performance, but we also consider price and the overall warranty and customer service provided by the manufacturer. We strive to offer a variety of skiboards in terms of size, price range, and performance factors as different skiboards suit different people. Skiboarding is great no matter what age, ability level or your personal riding preferences and through our regular testing, we can recommend the best choices for our customers.

In short, we offer products that we feel confident about. We know full well what it feels like when products fail, especially when you are having a great day. Our mission is to make sure that that doesn’t happen to you. Knowing our products intimately, as we use them ourselves, we are happy to offer our experience and best recommendations on which products may be best for you – their strong points and limitations. Feel free to call us in the US and Canada at 800-784-0540, international at 1-970-884-2947 or email us with any questions at

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