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Using Snowboard Bindings with Skiboards – Do they Perform?

We get a lot of questions on using snowboard bindings with skiboards – do they perform? How do snowboard bindings compare to ski boot bindings in terms of performance? When customers are using their own snowboard bindings, the edging control can be less than desirable which is why we created the Snowboard Bindings Adaptor Kit. This kit adds great retention and includes the Summit Snowboard Binding Riser Kit which is absolutely essential for proper height so snowboard bindings don’t … Read the rest

Skiboards Bindings – Non-release, snowboard and ski release bindings – advantages

This season we have numerous options for bindings on skiboards. Binding options include the standard non-release bindings such as the high performance Bomber Elite Bindings which don’t release in case of fall. These are mounted on a round disc that offers more precision carving. The advantage of non-release bindings is basically, they don’t release if you fall. This comes in handy for those who prefer riding the parks or often in the glades. The disadvantage is the risk of injury … Read the rest

Snowboard Bindings and Performance on Skiboards

No question that snowboard boots are simply more comfortable than ski boots, even our Alpina X5 boots. There is no question that ski boots and skiboards provide great performance, especially with the higher quality models like Summits. However, we are constantly asked about the difference in performance. So here is the best we can say so far.

Skiboards with 4 stainless steel inserts can accommodate any snowboard bindings. Yet, a riser kit is necessary to give proper elevation so the … Read the rest

Questions about Snowboard Bindings and Skiboards

There has always been a lot of interest in using snowboard boots with skiboards. The key to this combo is having a riser kit so the snowboard bindings are raised up a little from your skiboards so that the edges of the snowboard bindings do not catch. Once solved, as with our Rocker Riser Kit, any snowboard binding can be mounted with proper length screws of course (included in the Riser Kits) to the skiboards. Skiboards need to include 4 … Read the rest

New Summits are Going Up 2012 Models

New summit skiboards are coming in late Sept. and are going up for preorder. As some of you may know, we sold out of most models early last season. The new line up this season includes the Summit Marauder 125, Summit Custom 110 with a All Bamboo Top Sheet, Summit Nomad 99, as well as the Summit Headwall 95. This year we are adding two new models – the Summit Jade 87cm and the Summit Freedom 99 with Tyrolia Bindings … Read the rest