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Life Lessons from My Zen Dog – Lesson One – Take time to smell the poop!

One day as I was hiking with my dog, I found myself tuning in to my dog and what he was doing. I began to understand that in many ways my dog is teaching me about life.

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Lesson 1: Stop and smell the poop. Enough said! (Just kidding).

My dog (as most dogs) is obsessed with smells. He runs between smells, stopping for the next pile of poop. I got to thinking that he is (disgustingly to us) breathing in life … Read the rest

Skiboards – Break Out of the Conventional and Express Yourself

You know, lessons, poles, traveling with all that equipment. Skiboards are very much under the radar with most retail store sales people clueless when you ask about them. Fun is what it’s all about, not rules. Break out of the old ways and treat yourself to the experience of liberation that skiboards can provide. Be on the vanguard of something new.

Those who’re often interested in trying skiboards are usually, I find, individuals who aren’t driven to fit into existing

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What are Skiboards really about?

Someone asked me what I do for a living recently. I had to think for a minute.  It kind of caught me off guard as I have not really come up with a job title for myself. I thought that from an outside perspective, someone might say I am a skiboard salesman, or a skiboard manufacturer or a retail winter sports business owner. None of those however really capture the essence of what I love about this business. For me, … Read the rest

Spacecraft Beanies!

Just a short note to let you know we have added Spacecraft to our list of vendors. They make incredible beanies, the photos don’t do it justice. We have beanies for men and women. Supplies are limited on some. We also have added another line of beanies from five-forty along with matching scarfs. Stay warm and fashionable this season.


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Yeah!! New Summit Skiboards are in and Looking Great.

All Summit Skiboards are in stock now, ready to be mounted with atomic release bindings or our new snowboard bindings with Summit Riser Kit. This is definitely the best line up for Summit ever, including the all new pro models: The Summit Nomad 99cm Carbon pro and the Summit Custom 110cm Carbon Pro skiboards. All Summit Skiboards are upgraded this year with additional changes to top sheets on some models making them more durable. All sidewall constructed skiboards come with Read the rest

Welcome to 2014 Season

Hi everyone. I took last year off from writing this blog – too busy and trying to get those skiboarding days in on the slopes. This season is really shaping up – seeing all the new products coming in whets the appetite for hitting the slopes for sure. If like previous years, our local resort, Wolf Creek, would be opening in less than a month! Hard to believe the season is starting.

A whole new lineup of Summits is coming, … Read the rest

Feedback on snowboard bindings with skiboards

Heard from a few customers now and definitely the comfort of snowboard boots is a favorite. While some have said there is no loss in performance, others have commented that there is a slight lag yet would not go back to regular ski boots and just something to get used to. I think there is a new trend with skiboards that is starting and it is exciting to watch the evolution of it. Let us know your experiences. … Read the rest