Happy New Year to all You Skiboarders!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 2014. Here is to a great New Year and lots more fun on the slopes in 2015. We would love to hear your experiences, stories and see you in action. Wishing you the best in the New Year.watch Hacksaw Ridge 2016 film now

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One thought on “Happy New Year to all You Skiboarders!

  1. Mike Juron

    Summit Rocker 118CM – I have now been on these boards for more then 10 days. All I can say is wow!!! The first day was at Gore Mountian in New York. Nice day hard packed powder. From the first carve I could feel the difference. I did 18 hard, fast runs that day and they handled like a dream. Great on the cruisers… effortless list carving pushing you through each turn. Got them on the steeps and bumps and they responded… soft and responsive again with effortless turns. Did the next few days at Gore with improved handling and response each day.

    The next test was Whiteface Mountian in New York. Again hard packed northeast riding. Once again the Rockers had no problems handling the hard pack and even the ice. Didn’t chatter once on the ice or steeps. Supper fast riding on a hard service and never once did I experience an challenge with these boards. Just an incredible all mountian feel.

    In search of Powder I headed west to Calgary, Alberta…. Skiboarded Lake Louise on what was one of the best riding days of my life. If you have not been their it should be on your bucket list. Just a special place!!! I was by myself so I hooked up with a few younger locals and they gave me the grand tour. We were all over the mountian, cruisers, glades, trees, bowls, steeps, and bumps. Even hicked to the more then 500 feet to the summit!!!! The Rockers took everything I could throw at them and handled it with ease and comfort. In the deeper snow the Rockers rode high and kept me on the surface so I could enjoy the soft snow and feel in complete control all the way down. Took them into the glades and trees and they out performed the youngsters I was riding with allowing me to carve and navigate the woods like a pro.

    This weekend is Okemo in Vermont, then on to Whiteface and then finish of January at Mt Snow, Vermont.

    I have been Skiboarding for more then 15 years. These are by far the best boards I have ever used. Just a complete all mountian performance leaving you with nothing but a smile each and every run.

    I will review the new Summit Pro Carbon Custom 110’s on my next blog….

    Live everyday to the fullest and never stop riding!!!

    Mike Juron
    East Coast Rider…..

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