2016 Skiboards Arriving

It won’t be long now. The new Head Rod 94cm skiboards and the Elan 99, 125 and 135 Freeline skiboards are now in stock.

In addition, the Alpina boots are in stock. This year we are adding to the X5 with green highlights for 2016, the X5 with red highlights and the Ruby 4 women’s skiboard boots in addition the the Ruby 5 boots.

Summits are on their way as well and quite a surprise in store!… Read the rest

Skiboards – Break Out of the Conventional and Express Yourself

You know, lessons, poles, traveling with all that equipment. Skiboards are very much under the radar with most retail store sales people clueless when you ask about them. Fun is what it’s all about, not rules. Break out of the old ways and treat yourself to the experience of liberation that skiboards can provide. Be on the vanguard of something new.

Those who’re often interested in trying skiboards are usually, I find, individuals who aren’t driven to fit into existing

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skiboarding at wolf creek

The Truth About Skiboards

Just got to thinking about why do I ride, sell and design skiboards. Obviously, I’m into this sport as more than just a business, and for good reason. Skiboards make riding the slopes almost effortless right from the start and then it just gets better and better and better, rapidly. No more hassling with equipment (what a relief) or having to attend to turning, stopping, deciding if I can take a particular run. True freedom is my experience.  I get … Read the rest

rockered skiboards

Summit Rocker Invertigo 118 – Wow!

Blue sky, powder day at Wolf Creek, CO. Must say I was a bit nervous. See I rode a somewhat similar prototype last season and created these from my experience as well as some complicated math. Anyway, you never know how something will perform when the products arrive for the season.

First, it was a 24″ base with 6-8″ of powder. Perfect conditions for testing the Rockers. I thought it might take a few runs to get used to them … Read the rest

New Bomber Elite2 Skiboard Bindings are in Stock!

The new Bomber Elite2 non-release skiboard bindings are in stock and ready to ship.
Enjoy the performance of the best stainless steel non-release bindings on the market. These screw in directly into any summit skiboards with the 4 stainless steel inserts included. This would include the Summit Jade 87, Nomad 99, Carbon Pro 99, Custom 110 and the Carbon Pro 110. Visit: http://www.skiboards.com/bomber-m-6

Supplies are limited.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and DownloadRead the rest

Welcome to the 2014/15 Winter Season

Hello skiboarders! Our new blog site has launched and I will be offering my thoughts on a regular basis. Feel free to comment or chime in.

First, the new Summit skiboards are in and ready to ship. The new Summit Skiboards website is about to launch as well. One thing I am particularly excited about is the all new Summit Rocker/Camber 118 cm skiboards. These have a short turn radius, rockered tips and tails for powder and quick turn initiation … Read the rest

What are Skiboards really about?

Someone asked me what I do for a living recently. I had to think for a minute.  It kind of caught me off guard as I have not really come up with a job title for myself. I thought that from an outside perspective, someone might say I am a skiboard salesman, or a skiboard manufacturer or a retail winter sports business owner. None of those however really capture the essence of what I love about this business. For me, … Read the rest