Skiboards are in for 2017

Skiboards are in for 2017! We now have the all new summit skiboards for 2017 as well the new skiboards from Salomon, Elan, Head and Atomic. Snowjam is on its way. We are also offering this year a new tune kit – The Quick Mini Tune Kit that gives you all you need in a convenient carry bag – you can detune, deburr, wax and sharpen your edges.

Summit CRZ 106 cm 3D Rocker Skiboards 2017

Summit CRZ 106 cm 3D Rocker Skiboards 2017

Check out these new Summit CRZ 106 cm 3D Rocker skiboards:


Announcing the all new Alpina Tracker boots for 2017. Going up soon.  These in the tradition of Alpina boots offer the perfect combination of comfort, warmth and upright stance that is just perfect for skiboarding.

As always, we are here with any questions you may have.

Lets get that snow coming!! Super fun is around the corner.